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Mahmoud Forghani

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mahmoud is a professional engineer with 20+ years of experience in design and implementation of control systems in Oil/Gas and Petrochemical industries.

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Darioush Habibi

Chief Maintenance Planner (CMP)

Darioush is an experienced Mechanical and Industrial experience. Prior to Gas Inspection, Darioush worked in different segments of the Oil and Gas industry.

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Foad Mohammad Pour

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Foad is a telecommunication and network engineer by background. Prior to Gas Inspection, Foad founded and grew a successful company to import and install security cameras in Oil and Gas fields.

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Nematollah Saadat

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Nematollah is a Civil Engineer by background. He established a successful construction company that serviced Iranian Oil and Gas sector. His expertise is in optimizing operations and managing small and large teams.