Covid-19 Statement

A Message from Gas Inspection Team

As the COVID pandemic progresses, we at GasInspection would like to offer support to our customers and friends.

The COVID crisis is a continuous obstacle in Iran. Many of our company practices have been altered or even halted as a consequence of the pandemic. Due to the limited nature of today's environment, some of our product features are not operational. Please excuse any delays and know that we are tirelessly working in the background to provide you with excellent service – especially through these tumultuous times.

In order to prevent additional spread of COVID-19, we at GasInspection remind our partners to apply best practices at their jobsite(s). Please abide by social distancing guidelines and keep group sizes to the standards set by your municipality. We advise authorized workers to wear appropriate PPE and monitoring vitals, such as body temperature, on a daily basis. When maintenance checks are in progress, please take extra precaution on the jobsite.

For the continued safety and well-being of our customers and teammates, GasInspection will be operating digitally throughout the COVID pandemic. We would like to thank you for your understanding and constant support.