Conscious Entrepreneurship; Interview with The Chief Executive Officer

GAS INSPECTION CEO, Mahmoud Forghani, with +25 years of service in the field of Design, Procurement, Construction, Pre-Commissioning and Start-Up of Oil & Gas industries, is on a mission to minimize the problems of maintenance management in these industries.

Mahmoud brought his vision and collaborative spirit to our team of engineers, on his mission to solve the problems we all have been faced with within the oil & gas industry. And as a result of great teamwork, we have come up with the best-in-class solution and next-generation maintenance system for oil & gas industry assets.

CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEURSHIP — What meaning do you give to this term?

I see conscious entrepreneurship as a way to connect the problems or issues you encounter in the life experiences and solve them through creative solutions. One of the first things we did at GAS INSPECTION was gathering information from Operators and maintenance guys.

Do you see yourself opening up opportunities for others along the way to participate in your success, and how?

As I progress in my career as an entrepreneur, I constantly remind myself to help my team members personally and professionally and create positive opportunities, because I believe that no one is perfect and I can learn many things from those around me.

How do you see the face of entrepreneurship in 5 years? How do companies /brands need to adapt to secure their place in the future?

The Corona virus has caused significant job losses and put hundreds of thousands of families in financial straits. However, this is nothing new for the average entrepreneur. At the same time, this situation gives entrepreneurs a good opportunity to create and implement new ideas.

Existing brands need to be concerned, because new technologies have empowered a generation of entrepreneurs to launch, lead and embrace a new model of success.

What kind of advice would you like to give to an aspiring entrepreneur who feels limited due to their background or lack of resources?

Never let the opinions and behaviors of others destroy your ideas and dreams. Entrepreneurship requires short memory and thick skin, so develop these characteristics early. Some of the world's greatest entrepreneurs did not follow the traditional path to success.

Do you sometimes feel bad for “wanting more out of life”, and if so, why? What is your personal motivation that leads you through the hardships of entrepreneurship?

Never, I'm not much into material things like fantasy house and so on, but I would like to learn new things, test myself, improve, and be a valuable person, and I hope to make a positive effect and difference in other people's lives.

Is there anything you would like to share that we have not asked you here?

Entrepreneurship and innovation are always associated with success and failure, but one should not be proud of victory and disappointed with failure. Teamwork should not be forgotten and we should try to surround ourselves with people who complement us, make us better.

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