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Equipment Maintenance


What we do

Identify Equipment

Import equipment from the P & ID drawing or manually. Attach the equipment manual and maintenance guidelines to the file.

Tag Equipment

Attach a QR code unique to the equipment on the equipment. Seal the QR code to increase the durability in severe weather conditions.

Input Information

Input yearly, and regular maintenance into the file. Assign notifications to the maintenance manager or the plant manager.

Update Information

Every technician or vendor that is assigned to provide maintenance on the equipment will add the service that he/she provided to the equipment ledger. He/she will add part number of the replacement parts to the ledger and the activity will be time-stamped.

Access Information

The history of the activities will be available to the plant manager as well as every technician who is going to provide service via a unique code that the plant manager gives to the technician.


Creating solutions for problems
we have ourselves experienced.

We are a team of engineers who worked in different oil and gas plants. We have experienced a lack of communication between different technicians who are working in the plant. This causes unnecessary part replacements, longer than needed plant shutdowns and all and all, it hurts the bottom line. We have felt the pain of working with numerous maintenance software for each manufacturer and having to tailor towards multiple systems in a fragmented environment. Hence why we have created Gas Inspection to solve the problems we have felt ourselves.

Our work process

We work with different stakeholders in a company. We build collaborations between internal and external technicians.

our contract

Let us input
all of the equipment in

We will train
your staff

You are
good to go


What our customers say

"Gas Inspection has helped us to reduce our unnecessary services by 10% since we have started using them. We are reassured to feel that the Gas Inspection team understood our problems completely."

"We have been using the Gas Inspection maintenance module in our storage plant. For us, the most value it has generated is to bring our different stakeholders together and allow them to share information"

Why we’re different

As fellow entrepreneurs, we understand the need for space which gives your business room

  • Flexible solutions
  • Free technology
  • Improved operating conditions
  • Transparent costs


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